Department of radiotherapy

Welcome to the website of the Department of Radiotherapy of the University Medical Center Magdeburg.

Our goal is to provide the best possible treatment for patients, and to constantly improve ourselves. To achieve this goal, we want to bring together patient care, research and teaching so that even basic biological or physical research is translational and every patient care is personalized medicine practiced.

Day after day, our team of doctors, nurses, medical-technical X-ray assistants, physicists and other professionals develop treatment plans and treat patients with radiation and chemotherapy.

We initiate and participate in clinical trials to develop the next generation of treatment and care concepts. We typically do this in cooperation with other clinics of the University Medical Center Magdeburg and other national and international institutions.

All these advances would not be sustainable if we did not train new doctors, MTRAs, nurses and physicists. Some of them remain at the University Hospital Magdeburg, others bring their knowledge elsewhere in Saxony-Anhalt, throughout the Federal Republic of Germany and internationally to advantage. Details of our work are presented in more detail on the pages of this homepage and we invite you to look around there.


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